Poster Competition

Tight Robustness-Consistency Tradeoffs for Two-Stage Bipartite Matching with Advice
Billy Jin
Analyzing the Accessibility and Equity of the Smart Mobile Lockers in tandem with City Buses in the Last Mile Delivery
Si Liu
Investigating Customer Retention in Subscriptions via Multi-state Survival Model
Jiannan Xu
Learning to Cut in Integer Programming
Siddharth Prasad
High Probability Complexity Bounds for Adaptive Step Search Based on Stochastic Oracles
Miaolan Xie
Asymptotic Optimality of Semi-Open-Loop Policies in Markov Decision Processes with Large Lead Times
Xingyu Bai
DFO: A Framework for Data-driven Decision-making with Endogenous Outliers
Nan Jiang
Min-max-min Optimization with Smooth and Strongly Convex Objectives
Luca Wrabetz
Analyzing Capital Riot with Artificial Intelligence
Zhi-Qi Cheng
Structuring online Question and Answer communities
Neha Sharma

Friday, August 26th 5:00pm-6:30pm

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DEADLINE extended to July 22.

Prizes, Rules, Judges, and Logistics


Rules: Accepted students will present a standard sized poster. They will have ~5 minutes to present their poster to the judges.

Judges: Alan Scheller-Wolf, Fatma Kilinc-Karzan, Michael Hamilton. Also a fan favorite will be voted on by students.

Logistics: We will reimburse the cost of printing your poster up to $60. You will have to get it printed nearby - we can provide recommendations of where to do this if needed (see organizer emails on the Home page).
For accepted posters, CMU INFORMS chapter will provide accommodation if needed where the hotel room will be shared with a person of the same gender!