5-Minute Flash Talk Competition

Optimal Feature-Based Market Segmentation and Pricing
Titing Cui
Learning while Repositioning in On-demand Vehicle Sharing Networks
Hansheng Jiang
ALSO-X and ALSO-X+: Better Convex Approximations for Chance Constrained Programs
Nan Jiang
The Blockchain Newsvendor: Value of Freshness Transparency and Smart Contracts
Chenghuai Li
Application of Quantum Computing in Discrete Portfolio Optimization
Justus Shunza
Emergency Care Access vs. Quality: Uncovering Hidden Consequences of Fast-Track Routing Decisions
Shuai Hao
Should hosts list their assets early? An equilibrium analysis of advance asset-sharing platforms
Neha Sharma

Saturday, August 27th 1:30pm-3:00pm

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DEADLINE extended to July 22.

Prizes, Rules, Judges, and Logistics

Prizes: Top 3 places will receive $100 each. These are determined by the judges. One fan favorite will win $100, voted on by the students.

Rules: Accepted students will be given a list of words that they cannot use during their presentation. How well can you explain your research without using the keywords?

Judges: Michael Hamilton, Peter Zhang, Chara Podimata. The fan favorite will be voted on by students.

Logistics: Provide powerpoint slides beforehand. Minimum one week before the conference.
For accepted flash talks, CMU INFORMS chapter will provide accommodation if needed where the hotel room will be shared with a person of the same gender!